lies and half truths

i wonder if beliefs in the half-truths are worse than the belief in the lies–particularly when we deal with God type stuff.i mean think about the issue of God is evil and His only intent is to hurt us. i would say few actually believe this and those that do have a multitude of other issues with faith and religion than just belief in that lie.but i wonder if its that half truths or the gray areas in life that prove to be the hardest to overcome. we don't believe the lie that God is powerless, yet how many people view God as the creator of the universe, but who isn't apart of our lives? who sits on a throne somewhere in heaven simply watching us flounder trying to figure out life?we don't believe the lie that God can't speak and give guidance, yet we live in this tension that says He won't speak to me, so i'm on my own to figure this out.when reality is that He does speak and He is speaking to us. and is guiding our lives.interesting thought--Jesus calls Himself THE Truth. thus as i begin to really reject lies and believe the truth the reality is i am beginning to take Jesus for who He says He is. the Holy Spirit, we understand the Holy Spirit's role to direct us and our attention to Jesus who in turn points us to the Father.so maybe the question is both do i believe Jesus and in Jesus.i think sometimes i believe in Him but not in Him. make sense? sure i believe that He exists, I believe He is who He says He is, but other times i come along--the entire time believing in His complete Divinty and humanity and His resurrection, yet don't believe that He's going to actually be all that He says He is.how wacked out is that? I can believe that He emptied Himself of all Divinity, took on clothes of a man, but all the while was both God and man, died, and then rose again --because He loved me . . . and yet there are times i don't trust that He has the ability to orchestrate my life in the best manner?how is that i can KNOW the truth yet live like i don't? how can know THE TRUTH and yet live like THE TRUTH can't handle my situation. so i resort to believing the lies or at least not fully trusting (or insert believing) the truth or THE TRUTH.is not trusting in the truth the same as believing the lies?even yet, its a scarier thought to know the truth or TRUTH and yet not be willing to fully trust it with all that we are (giving up control and what not) and so we settle for the lies.because maybe that's all that believing the lies really is, especially for us Christians who know the truth and THE TRUTH. maybe its settling for something easier, because sometimes the truth can be hardi'm not sure i want to settle anymore.we believe the truth that God is a good Father and wants the best for us, but get caught up in the half truth that says He may or may not be in the middle of hard situations that will eventually produce in us major fruit. He just might use some suffering to do some pruning.imagine the frustration of that half truth, going through a season of "suffering" not seeing or believing that God has the ability, power, or plan to use that season to truly give us something greater than we can ever ask for, a heart like His!i just wonder in my own life what half truths i've bought into that has derailed my understanding, relationship, and view of God.so i wonder if i believe in the lies and half truths because its just plain easier. maybe its easier to continue on believing and living life according to these half truths and lies than to change my thinking or life. maybe its just easier to not really truly check EVERY thought (that whole take captive every thought thing) and every fact through God's Word to really search to see what is truth and what is false.so as i'm reflecting on the this story the writer describes Eve's mindset after the encounter with the serpent, "and eve saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise."i find it interesting that God never said that the tree wouldn't look good, He certainly didn't say it wouldn't be good for food, what he did say was to not eat it.i wonder in this story was eve duped because the serpent was so clever or because it was just easier for eve to go along with the story that the serpent was giving her than to really process what was happening. it was just simply easier to disobey than to really delve into what was takign place. after all, the tree was good to the eye and good for food.i wonder how many times adam and eve walked by that tree and thought about eating it. thought about wondering WHY God would tell them not to eat.so here comes this talking snake and eve goes along, hook line and sinker for the serpents half truth and finally his outright lie. is it easier for me to at times just go along with something allow a certain thought or "truth" to go by unchecked because it goes against something i either don't want to do or don't understand. and rather than really dig into it, do i accept it because it has enough truth in it to pacify the Holy Spirit warnings going on inside of me?does it take TOO much inward looking both into my thoughts, motivations, and this supposed statement. i wonder if adam questioned the fact that they were eating this apple?did adam ask eve where the apple came from? or did he just accept it because it was right there in front of him? and if he did know, did adam question eating it or just go right along with it because eve (someone else) was also.how many "truths" do i begin to believe because a preacher or mentor said so. how many things have i accepted and quoted to someone else simply because someone said it and i didn't take the time to really unpack it with Scripture and the Holy Spirit's guidance?how many "half truths" have i believed due to someone else's commentary on my life experience. as i have coffee or lemonade with friends and share life and they make a statement about a situation that i'm going through that reflects God's character — do i just take that to be who God is and what He's about cause its easier than processing it out myself?sometimes i think that rejecting lies and discovering truth is harder work than what i want to put into it.

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